The Mike Pence Show [2012]

The Indiana Democratic Party just launched the new website, "The Mike Pence Show". This website is dedicated to informing Hoosiers of Mike Pence's actual record in Washington.

The intro to the website reads:
Congressman Mike Pence is part of the problem in a Washington bitterly divided by partisanship and outrageous talking points.

The campaign to become Indiana's next Governor is about values, and we know that Hoosiers -- above all else -- value hard work. That's why we launched this website: to make sure you know the real Mike Pence and what he's been doing with his time in Washington.

We don't need Mike Pence's brand of out-of-touch, Washington-style politics, but we do need your help to make sure he's not successful in November. Join us today in our fight for good-paying jobs, quality education and a state that works for working Hoosiers.
This is the first video that they have put out: